Do you know Miley Cyrus brother?

Wow, must have been so  nice to have so many bros by your side to protect you, or sometimes even get on your nerves, since being famous like Miley is,  has both good and bad sides! Here we’ll try to introduce you to some regular, fun and spicy facts of Miley Cyrus brothers, so enjoy it!

Miley Cyrus

The one who refused Miley

Trace Dempsey Cyrus, born in 1989 is the eldest Miley Cyrus brother. This wild and famous American musician, who has a career as guitarist, songwriter and vocal, has many colourful tattoos all over his body, including “stay gold” on his knuckless. Now he owns a clothing company.


What is interesting to know about this Miley Cyrus brother is that he recently refused to record a duet with his little sis, and his excuse was that he’s waiting for his band Ashland High to make some noticeable success, and only then will he make music with his sister! We shall see will he keep this promise. Another interesting fact about this reckless star is his relationship with actress Brenda Song.In 2011 they announced their engagement, next year they separated, and reunited again this year in January. What to say, that’s the life of a star!

Hot’n’sexy model

Braison Cyrus, younger Miley Cyrus brother, was born in 1994. Unlike his wild elder brother, he’s got much more tranquil life. He’s got a successful carreer working as a model for Wilhelmina Models. Many people call him James Dean of modern days. Not to mention how that he takes away lots of girls’ breath when they see shirtless pics of this curly don Juan. All the upcoming details of his career can be followed in the latest edition of Troix magazine.

There’s one tragical fact about this Miley Cyrus brother. He suffered quite near death experience due to too complications from tonsil-removal surgery , which caused him loose too much blood. Although there are pics of this horrible moments, we warmly recommend you not to see them , in order not to spoil the impression of his gorgeousness!

Miley’s secret bro

A family made of celebrities wouldn’t be what it is if there isn’t at least one secret child! And Miley Cyrus brother we’re talking about here is Christopher Cody Curys. He was born the very same year as his half sister Miley, just few months before her.

Billy Ray Cyrus’ legal wife at that time, Leticia “Tish”, was ultimately shocked after finding out that her beloved husband had the adventure with Kristin Luckey, the waitress, at the same time when being married to her. Because Tish is very religious woman, this Miley Curys brother doesn’t live together with the rest of the family, although he would like to be in better relationship with his father. He now lives with his mother and step father in a suburb of Texas.